Fascinated By Senses.

I seriously started meditation 3 or so months ago, and I only do 30 minutes a day and sometimes even more especially when I’m participating in the “Secret Law of Attraction Room” on Clubhouse. Every-time after I meditate I feel completely relaxed, but I also get weirdly fascinated by my senses. I always want to touch random objects as if I’ve never felt anything before. All I can think about is how incredible it is to see, hear, smell and taste.

It’s as if I’m experiencing everything for the first time in my life. I think there is nothing under the sun that beats meditation. The way my mind was cluttered before and how amazingly I view the world now, incredible. I’m even more conscious about screen time and while on that, be careful about screen addiction, it’s a serious thing.

Netflix, social media, television, video games etc. You may feel like you are in a calm state while staring at screens but it’s actually the exact opposite. I understand a lot of times we have to check emails, bank accounts and message people but try cutting back mindless usage of screens. Instead meditate, read …and again meditate. Try it for one day to only use screens when it’s absolutely necessary and see how you feel.

The universe is beautiful, nature is fascinating and to have an opportunity to breathe in clean oxygen while seeing panoramic views it’s therapeutic and absolutely gorgeous. It’s better investing more into your mental health than have unnecessary societal pressures.

Green Pools, Mutorashanga, Zimbabwe.

That First Date…

When you meet a stranger, they have absolutely no idea of the person you really are. They have a certain perception of you and the way you allow that someone to treat you will ultimately form the real opinion about you in their mind. Feel free to read that again.

An average man will go on a date with the mentality that she is already above him and he has to impress. I know this for a fact because it used to be me. So for the average man now he has to do all in his power to please her. As men we seek so much validation from women and it’s bad. When she misbehaves and clearly disrespects him by being on her phone for example when they’re supposed to be spending time getting to know each other, the average man won’t even feel the disrespect. Instead he is thinking of ways to get her attention so that she doesn’t lose interest in him!

An alpha male is there to have fun and is a high value man that when he goes out on a date, he is assessing the girl based on her behaviour and seeing if she has any real potential to be with him and not the other way round. So as the man you determine who you want to date based on your green flags, you’re the gatekeepers of relationships Gentlemen. You make the call as to who it is you want to be in a relationship with. Slow to hire and quick to fire.

If she is a decent person, she ought to realize that it is disrespectful towards the guy to be on the phone unless its extremely urgent she cannot avoid it. If she doesn’t show any sign of being sorry or doesn’t excuse herself with permission, as a high value man you don’t waste a second on this person, you walk away.

If you can’t get her respect from that first date, she is not the person for you and you do not waste your precious time on such low value women. Time is money and it’s never recovered. Don’t waste your time on women that don’t regard you as high value enough and for as long as you’re in Africa, that first date shouldn’t cost you more than $USD7.50 or else you become another ticket for her to enjoy free good fancy meals. Otherwise women have respect for what they work for and she should be willing to work hard and prove herself to you. You’re a King, know your worth.

Looks Do Matter!

First things first Gents, whoever tells you otherwise just know it’s a lie, Your looks matter! The very first thing that women take note of, are your looks. Most African ladies claim to check the footwear first, I guess this is done in checking if the talk matches the walk, but damn gentleman, don’t ever believe anyone who tells you that looks don’t matter. Look good for yourself!

Either consciously or sub consciously you’re categorised the very second someone sees you as whether you’re HOT or NOT. So for gents, it’s a few things to disregard which are really out of our control e.g Height, Bald head etc and while at it, embrace it all. Myself getting bald was one of the hardest obstacles i have had to deal with in my life, let alone accept it. But after embracing and loving my egghead and compliments following, i realized its actually a pretty cool thing. I just need to shave here and there and sometimes flaunt my bald head with it’s little hairs.

On the other hand, there are things that you can improve in every way you physically can e.g Physique, hair, style, hygiene, grooming etc. A lot of times we want to be loved for who we are, how we are, what we are but looks do matter, don’t be misled by those mere statements that, “Women don’t care about looks.” This is a lie. If you’re the most attractive guy in a room and you’re BETA as fvck you’re still going to have trouble with women. Maximize your looks, it’s just another part of self improvement and it can be improved dramatically if you put in the work.

Respect yourself, respect were you sleep. Respect your working space. Invest in a scent that meets your taste. Have your stuff arranged and looking clean. Like I always say, cleaning is not a gender role. Be clean, some things would be embarrassing to say on here but your breath deserves a pimp. Drink water! Not only drinking, shower too! And a bonus tip; Pinterest is one of the most helpful applications on the internet. From working out tips, clothing styles, bedroom designs and basic etiquette. It comes quite handy, make use of it. Be happy, look sharp!

You’re Not Selfish…No!

It’s one life, live it the best way possible. You are what matters. People’s opinion on you don’t really matter at all, otherwise at the end of the day they don’t pay your bills, they don’t know you in a way you think they do. Be rest assured you’re not selfish for choosing what’s best for you, your future etc.

Time flies, time waits for no man. Why allow someone to waste your time? Loyalty is a scarce commodity out there to waste it on toxic people when those that deserve it could actually be around the corner.

I personally enjoy me time, I’m prone to decline invitations and saying No without feeling any guilty or some type of way. It’s not a crime!

Some company isn’t worthy it, if you’re not educating me, inspiring me or adding any form of value into my life, why keep such negative energy around?

It’s your life, what you love, what you’re passionate about is what you go for. Running your own race, chasing your own priorities. Never follow masses.

This is a crazy one and very much self explanatory. Are you not worth now? If not, then why stay and be saved for later? What’s the guarantee?

You Win The Battles You Walk Away From…

My pride used to tell me this was a weakness but after a careful consideration and thought I can definitely say it’s a strength many don’t have. I would say to myself, “How dare someone says whatever they want to me and get away with it? How do I defend myself and make them feel the anger they’ve caused me? How can I make them see that I’m not who they think I am?” The best revenge is not to be like them. I realized this was a weak response but now I would much rather have peace than to be right.

Not reacting to any situation gives me the upper hand. Sometimes I even sit back and relax as the other person gets so upset with me doing nothing. Decide that it’s not going to get a rise out of you and it won’t. That’s how you make the other person powerless. Choose your battles wisely and know that not every one of them deserves your time, attention and/or energy. People online are even more worse, they think they know you as a person, but they absolutely don’t.

Walking away doesn’t just give you an upper hand, but to its core, I have learnt to remove the unneccesary. Since we can’t control people’s thoughts, responses and actions, It’s up to us to decide whether it’s even worth dealing with or not, but like water in the river, we continue flowing.

Pursue Peace!